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Santechninė keramika, skirta šiuolaikinio stiliaus vonios kambariui. Catalano įmonė išsiskiria ilgamate patirtimi ir aukštos kokybės automatizacija: liejimas, apdaila ir tvarkymo darbai atliekami naudojant naujausios kartos sistemas. Catalano gamintojas siūlo: spalvotą santechniką ir vonios įrangą, pakabinamus, įleidžiamus, įmontuojamus vonios praustuvus (kriaukles), praustuvus montuojamus ant stalviršio, plautuves, pakabinamus ir pastatomus WC, klozetus, unitazus, klozeto dangčius, unitazo/WC/tualeto bakelius, bidė, pisuarus ir dušo padėklus.

Plačiau gamintojo tinklalapyje:

CATALANO gamintojo kolekcijos

New Zero

New Zero collection is the result of Catalano incremental approach to innovation. This range is designed to be a versatile tool for design optimization. The wide range of types and sizes and the essential lines suit every furnishing need. The collection is made up of 25 washbasins, ranging from 40 to 150 cm, including washbowls, double washbasins and washbasins with storage areas (asymmetric or symmetric). They are all suitable for wall-hung, sit on, semi-inset or furniture installation and some of them also for inset and undercounter installation. A selection of washbasins are also available in white, Cement and black satin finishes. A wide range of WCs and bidets is available – close coupled, wall or floor mounted – including Zero 55 wall-hung WC featuring the Newflush® system, also in the new “Classy” variation.

New Gold & Silver Collection

Catalano gives its stylish contribution to its glamour products such as metallic colours and finishes by focusing in particular on gold and silver shades. These products are now targeted by Architects and Interior Designers all over the world, due to the raising demand and to meet the most sophisticated aesthetic tastes. Following its attitude to pursue the excellence, the company has worked to reach perfection in coating its products with Gold and Silver finishes, in order to keep the brightness unchanged while ensuring a high resistance over time. Gold & Silver products, with their high resistance to abrasion – they are unscratchable – are unique and very competitive on the market, for their excellent performance and outstanding look. The finishes are now applied to six washbasins and a pair of wall-hung WC and bidet, in combination with Cataglaze treatment in black and white colours.

Colori Collection

Trend-setting in contemporary bathroom design, Catalano widens its product range with the introduction of 5 new satin shades on a selection of washbasins and WCs. In addition to the black gloss finish – already available – now available are also pastel shades inspired by nature: from the deep white of corals, to the warmest shades of sea sponges, from the blue of wild flowers to the soft green of a herb garden, to the intense shades of wood essences.

The new five colours have a refined satin finish that makes the product nice to touch. Collection includes: Satin Green, Satin Blue, Satin Grey, Satin White, Glossy Black, Satin Brown. 


The Green range, based on nature’s morphological principles, is marked by continuous curves and thin edges.  The full range is made of 3 systems, featuring different morphologic characteristics: 7 Green washbasins, suitable for sit-on, wall-hung, furniture or pedestal mounted installation; 3 Green Up washbasins, marked by thin edges and side shelves, suitable for wall-hung and furniture installation; 8 Green Lux washbasins, suitable for semi inset and sit-on installation, with natural shapes and thin edges, also available in white, light blue, green and grey satin finishes.
The whole collection can be combined with pedestals, mirrors and fittings made by Inova.

Green One

The rounded shapes and the minimum thickness of Green One washbasins have several connections with the nature and the ecological imagination. The collection has a sober and informal look: the thin edges, resembling the typical style of the old enameled metal bowls, give a remarkably lightweight, result of the ongoing experimentation of Catalano in that way. The collection is now made up of 4 wall-hung medium sized washbasins: 65×50 cm, 60×47 .5 cm, 55×45 cm, 45x cm. Green One collection can be matched with New Light and new Sfera Eco Newflush toilets, which reflect the same positioning and shape of the washbasins.


The Premium range of washbasins combines contemporary square design and versatile options for practicality. The collection is made up of 17 washbasins, with new Premium Up washbasins in 120cm and 100 cm sizes with side shelves and Premium Up 80cm and 60 cm sizes with the option of left or right hand side shelves. The Premium collection has a wide choice of sizes, varying from 150cm to 40cm and can be installed in 3 different ways (wall-hung, countertop and furniture installation).  INOVA towel rails and furniture is available for Premium in various configurations and finishes.


Zero is the first Catalano’s sanitary-ware wide range where products are all based on the “typological versatility “ concept. This revolutionary idea allows several solutions for products installation. Today, Zero family includes a lot of products in different sizes and typologies. Zero is made up of the following sub-systems: Zero and ZeroDomino based on a square matrix and ZeroTondo system, characterized by a strong rounded matrix. Zero is made up of thirteen washbasins, two pairs of wall-hung WC and bidets, a pair of floor-mounted WC and bidet, a monobloc WC and 45×35 WCs (wall-hung and floor-mounted).

New Flush

In contemporary design, the typological evolution of products comes together more and more with their technological innovation and with improvement of functions and performance.

Catalano’s NEWFLUSH ™ system finds its proper place in this scenario, because it is an invention able to revolutionize performance and functionality of ceramic toilets. A vortex-flushing system able to use all the available water to its full potential to guarantee maximum flushing performance; furthermore, the removal of the rim allows an easy and more effective cleaning.

Care for the environment, better ceramic quality, hygiene and water saving are the main features of this system, now fully implemented in 3 Catalano products.


The new SFERA collection is characterized by a wide range of different, simple and comfortable shapes with rounded  lines, ideal for any space requirement. The collection, available in Catalano’s Catalogue since the 90’s, was re-designed in 2016.

Square lines and minimum thickness

The 100, 80 and 60 cm washbasins, suitable for wall-hung (with towel-rail) and furniture installation, have a wide lateral ledge and thin edges.

Balance between softness and rationality

The 65, 60 and 45 cm washbasins, with their simple shape and large bowls (no ledge, only bowl) are suitable for wall-hung (with towel rail) or sit-on installation.

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