KLUDI santechnika, maišytuvai, įrangaVokietija

Kludi įmonės pasaulis yra apie emocijas ir funkcinį vandens naudojimą. Kludi patyrę virtuvės įrangos, vonios ir dušo specialistai siūlo gaminius vonios kambario sprendimams. Kludi įmonė gamina santechnikos įranga vonios kambariams bei virtuvėms, kriauklėms ir praustuvams,  termostatinius maišytuvus, dušo galvutes ir dušo sistemas, termostatinius dušo maišytuvus, vonios aksesuarų rinkinius – rankšluosčių laikiklius ir kabyklas, tualetinio popieriaus laikiklius, vonios kambario stiklines, muilo dozatorius ir muilines.

Plačiau gamintojo tinklalapyje: www.kludi.com

Kludi kolekcijos:


Your own home – your private retreat from the challenges of everyday life. Whether light and open or rustic and homey, the country style uses natural materials and pristine colours and shapes to convey comfort and relaxation. The right fitting can turn your bathroom into your personal local spa.


Do you appreciate minimalism? Then a purist interior is just right for you. Both the selected furnishings and their designs are simplified and functional. Clear lines and geometric shapes without embellishments and decorations should be reflected in your bathroom’s fittings as well. Here, less is more.




Modern designs are direct and straightforward. Clear lines, high-quality surfaces and understated furnishings create generous interior landscapes. Reflect this open, fresh concept in your bathrooms as well with modern fittings, and enjoy an attractive and relaxed atmosphere.


Values like elegance, understatement and quality are quintessential features of classic interiors. High-quality materials and a subtle colour palette create sophisticated, yet comfortable interior spaces. Correctly placed details – like the right fittings – can bring the nostalgic charm of bygone eras back to your bathroom.



Soft Purist

Soft purism is the language of design in our time. Whether in smartphones or taps, contemporary design is simplified and streamlined, and combined with soft, rounded corners. This creates an attractive interplay of clear shapes and a comfortable feel. Taps with a soft purist style feel wonderful on your hands, and create a friendly, clean feeling in your bathroom.


Soft, natural and curved – the organic style takes its inspiration from plant and animal shapes and from the elements. Organically shaped fittings create a visual highlight in your bathroom, and their soft, flowing feel means they are also especially comfortable to operate. That’s water in its purest form!