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KLAFS Ledo Kambarys – Ice Lounge

KLAFS Ledo Kambarys – Ice Lounge

KLAFS Ledo Kambarys – Ice Lounge

KLAFS presents its evolution of the ice cabin!

Featuring backlit acrylic glass elements, the focal point of the lounge is a stalagmite ice fountain. Located in the centre of the lounge, the fountain’s ice blooms gradually grow upwards and can be taken and used by guests to assist their cool down.

The room’s temperature is set at 14-16°C and its design also incorporates a multi-sensorial concept involving temperature, a delicate ‘ice mint’ scent and an optional extra of ATMOSPHERE by KLAFS, whereby ultra-high resolution screens show dramatic images of nature.

Šaltas Kontrapunktas

After a hot sauna: cool down with spectacular solutions from KLAFS.‎

Plunge pool and waterfall shower are the most common associations with the refreshing cooling after sweating in the sauna. Even the short walk to the fresh air is popular – but unfortunately not always possible, because not every spa has an outdoor area. And unfortunately not always refreshing, because it’s not always cold outside.

KLAFS provides relief in the area of sauna and spa with the ICE LOUNGE, which promises refreshment all year round after the sauna bath.

The central eye-catcher and the source of the coveted cold is the ice fountain STALAGMIT, from which – as the name implies – the ice does not fall from above, but slowly grows out over itself.

A small frosty spectacle that calms and invites, of course, to catch one or the other ice bloom and to feed the own cooling.

The structural design of the lounge provides additional “coolness” in many senses of the word: The room, which has been cooled down to 16 ° C, is lined with backlit acrylic glass elements – in perfect ice optics, which can be found even in the seat cube and the ice fountain cladding.

Completely is the icy experience with the optionally installed ATMOSPHERE by KLAFS, on the screens in stunningly high resolution dramatic nature shots can be brought into the lounge: snowy peaks or floating ice floes – the comforting shivering will know no limits!



  • Impressive cooling feature with unique, distinctive ice look.
  • The ICE LOUNGE is supplied with approx. 14-16 ° C cold air. A fragrance can be added to a dosing system and helps to stimulate the respiratory tract.
  • The built-in ice fountain STALAGMIT not only provides a visual highlight, but also for a quick cooling.
  • The “polar time-out” is supported by the optional use of our multi-media system ATMOSPHERE (single screen or multi screen).
  • Seating elements and wall cladding made of acrylic glass in ice-look.
  • Frameless glass front with door handle DUET.

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