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Trautwein GmbH

Trautwein GmbH

Trautwein GmbH

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“Trautwein” įmonė siūlo aukščiausios kokybės, funkcionalią ir lengvai naudojamą SPA įrangą ir baldus, aukščio reguliuojamas hidromasažines vonias, slaugos įrangą ir priemones, taip pat fizioterapijos įrangą. Jie tobulina savo įrenginius jau nuo 1928 metų. Taip pat,  bendradarbiauja su gydytojais ir terapeutais, jų patirtis ir žinios užtikrina kokybiškumą ir tai sukuria pasaulinę įmonės sėkmę. 

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If everything’’s perfect, then you are most likely using Trautwein products. The high demands we place on ourselves, are your guarantee for dependability and effectiveness. Time and again, we surprise our customers with innovative solutions. Simply relax and let your problems float away.


Bath and nursing appliances.

Demands in the nursing sector have highly increased. Relatives want to see their family members well looked after in the retirement and nursing homes,– the competition between the individual institutions has become stronger. Medical Wellness proves its worth all over the world.

Physical Therapy.

Physical therapy is an essential component of modern medical treatment. High quality equipment fulfilling medical requirements is necessary for successful competition on the therapeutic devices market. Modern and efficient solutions cover a great number of different forms of therapy.